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Nukkai: A New Approach to AI and the Game of Bridge

On this podcast Host Jason Stoughton is joined by Jean-Baptiste Fantun, CEO of Nukkai and Veronique Ventos, who Forbes calls the third most influential woman in the field of AI.

Nukkai is a French next gen AI start-up that has created a world first energy efficient, explainable AI to help humans solve complex problems. To show off these capabilities Nukkai recently held a bridge competition with some of the worlds best bridge players and its AI beat several World Bridge champions. Over the past several years we have seen researchers show off their AI’s capabilities by beating the best of the best in poker and chess and GO. But bridge is a really interesting test of AI’s capabilities because it is a multi-player game with incomplete information and whose rules impose some explainability on the players and the AI. We cover a lot of ground during this podcast and I have to say that it is really exciting what they are doing.

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