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Deep Dive with AI Focused VC Mark Gorenberg

New Podcast Episode, Season 6, Episode 131

Mark Gorenberg, Founder and Managing Director of Zetta Venture Partners, leading early stage AI investor, and current Chair of the board of trustees of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Corporation and a member of the MIT Executive Committee, joins host Jason Stoughton to talk about his path to becoming a VC almost 30 years ago and the lessons he has learned along the way and which he shares with founders to enable their success.

Zetta is the original AI-first early stage venture fund focused solely on AI for enterprises and Mark talks about the moment of time we are in with AI right now, the opportunities he sees in the market and why AI makes it such an amazing time to be an entrepreneur. He is hosting an event on September 7th with thought leaders in AI, leaders from enterprise companies and founders from his portfolio. Jason encourages you to listen to this podcast and then to visit to register for the virtual event.

I hope you enjoy the conversation and don’t forget if you like what you hear subscribe to the podcast and my newsletter at and follow me on x (formerly Twitter) @thepulseofai.


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