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Discover Hot AI Start-Up Elemental Cognition

New The Pulse of AI podcast, Season 6, Episode 142!

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Podcast host Jason Stoughton is joined by Vice President of Intelligent Applications at Elemental Cognition, Erdem Ozcan. With a Phd in Computer Science and over 20 years of experience, including as co-founder of, which developed Conversational AI that revolutionized customer engagement and sales, Erdem is an interesting voice and strong technologist in the field of AI.

Elemental Cognition (EC) is the next wave of enterprise AI that delivers the reliability, accuracy,and transparency businesses need. EC combines the fluency of large language models with therigor of formal reasoning to create a neuro-symbolic AI architecture that can solve complexproblems when businesses can’t afford to be wrong. EC’s approach combines different AIstrategies in a novel architecture that acquires and reasons over human-readable knowledge tosolve problems collaboratively and dynamically. The result is more transparent and cost-effective delivery of expert problem-solving intelligence into conversational and discoveryapplications.

EC was founded in 2015 by Dr. David Ferrucci, the renowned AI researcher and inventor ofIBM’s breakthrough Watson technology, to build more holistic AI that thinks before it talks. ECtechnology can be used across industries and use cases. Primary targets are Healthcare / LifeScience, Investment Management, Intelligence, Logistics & Scheduling, and Contact Centers.


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