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Interview with Dr. Christian Guttmann Global Head of AI at Tieto

Join me as I talk to one of the true leaders in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Christian Guttmann, Global Head of AI at Tieto and Executive Director at the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute, as we talk about the challenges C-Suite executives face in designing and deploying AI throughout their enterprise and up and down their supply chain. We dig down into many of the issues facing C-Suite leaders such as setting an AI strategy, building data maps, internal and external communications and much much more.

Dr. Guttmann has over 25 years of experience advancing AI technology, in both science and business, and works on strategy and execution for high impact AI systems and products. He is frequently cited in the media, is a highly sought after keynote speaker and consults with industry and government leaders regarding AI and its potential impact on industry and society.

Listen to the podcast here.


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