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Digital Transformation: Covid-19 Changes Everything

Join me in this engaging and insightful conversation with Marco Iansiti, David Sarnoff professor of Business Administration and co-director of the Labratory for Information Science at Harvard and of the Digital Initiative at Harvard Business School, and Bret Greenstein, Senior Vice President and Global Head of the AI & Analytics Practice at Cognizant, where he leads over 26,000 associates worldwide focused on Data and AI based transformation

We talk about how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting companies, accelerating their digital transformation, opportunities for innovation in this time of crisis and examine how various companies are succeeding based on their previous digital transformation efforts while still others are forced to play catch-up.

This is a must listen for business leaders seeking to deploy data and analytics to build resiliency and business success in this time of crisis.

Listen to podcast here:


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