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Can Augment AI Create the Personal Assistant We All Dream About?

Podcast Season 6 Episode 126 with Augment AI. Twitter @thepulseofai

Many would agree that the holy grail of AI is to build a truly amazing personal assistant that acts as our highly competent Chief of Staff and that supercharges our output and eases the pain points across our entire personal and professional ecosystem. And because it is the holy grail many are working towards this goal.

Augment AI is one of these companies but is taking a unique approach that I think has a real chance of becoming something important. They have a founder in Jordan Ritter (yes, of Napster fame) who is a proven founder and CEO and the rest of the team is really impressive as well. They are growing fast and if you want to jump on a potential rocket ship this is a company to check.

Listen to the podcast to hear what they are doing, how they are doing it, how they think the market will shake out and what the future could/should look like.


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