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U.S. Congressman Will Hurd on the Need for a National AI Strategy

For this discussion I am joined by Congressman Will Hurd of Texas and Bret Greenstein of Cognizant to talk about what a national AI strategy should look like here in the United States.

Congressman Hurd (R-TX) along with Robin Kelly (D-IL), and working closely with the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), recently released a white paper on a national artificial intelligence strategy called “AI and the Workforce”.

Recommendations of the white paper include:

  • Calling on the US to take a larger role in AI

  • Embracing an AI-driven economy

  • Preparing the workforce for a transition to AI

Bret Greenstein is the Senior Vice President and Global Head of the AI & Analytics Practice at Cognizant, leading over 26,000 associates worldwide focused on Data and AI based transformation

Bringing together these two leading voices, one from government and the other from industry, gives us the opportunity uniquely explore issues that are central to developing an effective national AI strategy including:

  • How do we develop a national AI strategy that allows us to compete against countries that have different views and restrictions around the collection and use of data?

  • How should we protect data privacy?

  • How do we address bias in AI algorithms?

  • How do we encourage and develop public/private partnerships to further our national strategic AI goals?

  • How do we train our workforce so that these goals can be realized?

  • And much more.


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