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The Significant Impact of No Code with Sagi Eliyahu, CEO and Co-Founder @ Tonkean

On this podcast I am joined by Sagi Eliyahu, the Co-Founder and CEO of Tonkean. Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform simplifies the orchestration of complex, enterprise-level business processes with a truly no code interface. Ops professionals are becoming a critical component of business units and no code generally, and Tonkean's platform specifically, empowers them. I think everyone will benefit from Sagi’s keen insights.


2:06 - Tonkean elevator pitch

3:55 - Who uses no code?

7:10 - What is Adaptive Process Automation?

12:00 - No code use cases

18:16 - Tonkean is the “Operating System for Business Operations”

22:22 - CIO’s reaction to no code?

25:14 - No code helps empower business unit ops

30:30 - Why will Tonkean be the leader in the space?

33:52 - Why work at Tonkean?


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