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Talking about NLP and Primers Latest Products with Sean Gourley, CEO and Founder of Primer


Joining me on this podcast is CEO and Co-Founder of Primer, Sean Gourley.

As you know I cover AI in all of its various forms and for me NLP is and always has been one of the most exciting areas within the field of AI. And over the past several years the advances we have seen in NLP have been phenomenal and yet business leaders are just now beginning to see the potential that NLP represents. But this is quickly changing as companies like Primer begin to release powerful yet easy to use tools that bring NLP out of the research department and place them in the hands of business users.

Primer recently released a new product line called Primer Engines. These are pre-trained engines that can be layered over your data allowing you to do the types of things that just a few years ago were plot lines in Hollywood movies.

And just as importantly, or maybe even more so, they are designed so that even non-technical business users can easily use them. What used to take months and a significant amount of investment in terms of people and money can now be done in a day. Literally. As Sean likes to say they are reducing the cost of curiosity. All of this makes his company, in my opinion, one of the most exciting players in the space.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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Gena Rosa
Gena Rosa
Jun 26

Jason stoughton your AI found me, welcome to the apocalypse I will be your hybrid narrator welcome to the future.

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