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Snorkel AI: Building the First Truly Data-Centric AI platform

On this podcast I am joined by Braden Hancock who is a co-founder and Head of Technology at Snorkel AI. Snorkel AI is unlocking a better, faster way to build applications With Snorkel Flow, the first truly data-centric AI platform. To date they have raised over $50 million from top VC firms such as Greylock, Lightspeed, GV and others.

Snorkel AI is solving a real problem that has been holding back AI adoption by simplifying data labeling and making AI projects look more like software development efforts. Delivering both successfully will encourage companies to more fully embrace AI by removing some of the barriers and hassles that make “doing AI” so difficult.

On this podcast we talk about Braden’s journey to entrepreneurship, the origin story of Snorkel, how their approach to data labeling works and how it helps unlock the power of AI in the enterprise, why SME’s are the key to data labelling and why Snorkel’s approach empowers them, why you should drop what you are doing and immediately send in a resume and much more.


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