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People Have Asked “Where is AI in the Fight against Covid”? Cognizant has an Answer.

Ever since the Covid pandemic spread across the globe many have asked the question “where is AI in this fight”? And it is a valid question because many of the techniques used in AI require large amounts of training data, which a new pandemic like Covid simply lacks.

However, a project developed by Babak Hodjat and Risto Miikulainen and their team at Cognizant has come the closest I have seen to answering this question. The system uses evolutionary AI which requires less data, utilizes creativity and goes beyond forecasting to basically providing advice. Babak gave me a demo last week and it is pretty exciting and so I wanted to bring them on the podcast so that they could share it with you and talk about what is under the hood.

In addition to Babak and Risto I am also joined by Bret Greenstein who is the Senior Vice President and Global Head of the Ai and Analytics Practice at Cognizant to talk about how the amazing work they have done is also relevant for business leaders.

This is a really interesting podcast and I hope you enjoy it.. Let’s get to it.


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