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Interview with Matt Denesuk Ph.D, Cofounder and Chief Data Officer at

Understanding how to apply “Enterprise AI” to automate your supply chain and business processes is a must to remain competitive in today’s digital world.

Join me as I talk to Matt Denesuk, Cofounder and Chief Data Officer at, about what opportunities are available to C-level executives who are looking to deploy AI throughout the enterprise and how to make it happen. is one of the leading AI companies in the space. And few people have the depth of experience in the field as Matt does. In his past he has held the role of Chief Data Science Officer at GE and General Manager of their Data Science Center of excellence where he led AI programs across all of GE’s business units. He also led Smarter Planet and Industrial Machine Learning Research at IBM Research and was also a partner in IBM’s venture capital group.

The future is here. Is your company ready?

Listen to the podcast now.


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