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Insights from DataRobot’s Chief AI Evangelist

On this podcast I have the pleasure of being joined by Ben Taylor, DataRobot's Chief AI Evangelist.

Ben is a recognized and engaging speaker for AI with over 16 years of machine learning experience. He has a diverse career including work with Intel/Micron, as the HPC/AI expert for the hedge fund AIQ where he built out models using a 600 GPU cluster to predict stock movements based on the news, and as the Chief Data Scientist for HireVue. He joined DataRobot in early 2020 when they acquired an AutoML start-up that he co-founded by the name of

I hope you enjoy the conversation!

Conversation Summary:

  • Ben’s unique career journey (1:10)

  • DataRobot’s elevator pitch (5:27)

  • Insights into why so many AI project in the enterprise are failing (6:27)

  • How he helps educate C-suite leaders around what AI can, and can’t, do (10:00)

  • AI is expensive, so how should leaders determine where to apply AI to drive the most value? (13:34)

  • Dealing with the shortage of AI and data science talent (16:32)

  • Exploring the fundamental differences between software development and AI/Data Science projects (18:19)

  • The challenges and opportunities around data/AI moving from the IT department into the business units (22:22)

  • Is the Chief Data Officer the right role to drive digital transformation? (24:29)

  • What does the ideal CDO look like? (27:32)

  • Importance of storytelling for the Journey to AI (28:50)

  • Should it be humans plus machines or machines plus humans for true digital transformation? (31:32)


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