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Hot AI Start-Up: Cohere

Join me on my latest podcast with one of Cohere’s Co-Founders, Nick Frosst.

Cohere recently emerged from stealth mode with $40 million in Series A funding to pursue their mission to build machines that understand the world and to make them safely accessible for all.

In addition to being backed by top flight vc’s, other investors in the company include AI luminaries Geoffrey Hinton and Fei-Fei Li.

It is a hot space, they have a great bunch of people on board, they have a desire to advance AI in a very thoughtful way and they are growing fast. In my opinion this is one of the most exciting companies in the space today.

During our discussion we dig down into a wide range of topics including the challenges inherent in NLP, the opportunities it presents to business leaders, how companies should look at implementing and deploying AI in their company, what the future of NLP looks like and much more.

As usual I ask Nick to give us the “pitch” on why you, my hard to recruit audience, should consider applying for some of their open roles!

I hope you enjoy the podcast.


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