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U.S. Congressman Jerry McNerney on AI and the Future of Work

I am pleased to have Congressman McNerney (R-CA) and Bret Greenstein, Senior Vice President and Head of the AI and Analytics Practice at Cognizant, joining me on this podcast to talk about the Future of Work in a world quickly being transformed by Artificial Intelligence.

We all know that AI will eliminate some jobs, create many new jobs and will fundamentally change all jobs. To prepare our current workers, as well as those who are in school and yet to enter the workforce, for the new and exciting jobs of the future we need a concerted effort between government and business.

In this interesting and far ranging conversation we explore the issue and talk about ways that government and business can help both individually, and in partnership, to ensure that our workforce is prepared.

For anyone interested in this topic this really is a must listen. I hope you find the conversation thought provoking.


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