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Dataiku’s Insights Into Creating a Data Driven Culture

Coming off of Dataiku’s recent announcement of raising $100 million in new funding I got the opportunity to speak with their Chief Customer Officer Kurt Muehmel.

Dataiku is one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale. Dataiku provides one simple UI for the entire data pipeline, from data preparation and exploration to machine learning model building, deployment, and monitoring, and everything in between. Hundreds of companies across the Global 2000 in retail, healthcare, finance, transportation, public sector, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more use Dataiku to underpin their essential business operations.

On this podcast we cover a range of topics relevant to business leaders including:

  • Understanding the value of data

  • The challenges and solutions to creating a data driven culture

  • Re-imagining the customer experience in a data and AI driven world

  • And many more

I hope you enjoy the podcast!


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