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U.S. Congressman Lucas on the Importance of a National AI Policy

Countries are rushing to create national AI strategies that will ensure that they dominate the field of AI for the foreseeable future. This involves investing in research, fostering and encouraging partnerships between government, academia and business as well as making sure that we train our current workers, as well as our young people, in the skills they need to fill the well paying jobs of the future. AI is built on data and so we also need to find a responsible way to collect and use data which respects the privacy of US citizens while allowing breakthroughs in AI technologies. In short, we have some heavy lifting ahead of us to make sure that we get it right.

On this podcast I am joined by Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK) and Bret Greenstein of Cognizant to talk about all of these issues. It is a fascinating conversation because we get the perspective of a policy leader as well as a senior executive at a leading AI company.


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