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Combating Data Perishability in a Volatile World

Data perishability is always an issue but it gains significance in times of rapid change. Covid brought into stark relief just how volatile the world can be, and of course volatility wreaks havoc on historical data models. As business leaders accelerate their focus on data they are realizing that they need to take different approaches to derive maximum value from their data.

Over the next four podcasts I will be joined by thought leaders, business leaders and technologists in the AI and Data space to talk about how companies should be looking at their data in times of rapid change.

On this podcast I am joined by two executives from Cognizant - Bret Greenstein, SVP and Global Head of the AI and Analytics practice and Babak Hodjat, VP of Evolutionary AI.

We dig down into the issues around data perishability and explore ways leaders should be adjusting to a volatile world. We also talk about how Cognizants approach using Evolutionary AI helps solve this problem.


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