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Spectrum Labs is Helping Companies Build Safe and Inclusive Online Communities Using AI

Online platforms are overwhelmed with speech that is harmful. Companies are trying to get their hands around the problem in order to solve it, because it is driving people off their platforms in droves. But it is a difficult problem to solve. Companies need to establish policies, set up governance committees and protocols, find technical solutions and hire moderators.

Justin Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Spectrum Systems, founded his company to attack this problem with Contextual AI.

I invited Justin onto the show not only because I love what Spectrum Labs is doing but I also think that he has great insights into the problem and the range of approaches needed to solve it.

Podcast Transcript:

  • The elevator pitch (1:29)

  • Who is Justin Davis and why did he start Spectrum Labs? (2:32)

  • What is Contextual AI and how does it work? (4:47)

  • Understanding and quantifying the market (8:50)

  • How does Spectrum Labs work with customers to address this problem? (12:10)

  • How many companies are addressing this problem today? (16:42)

  • Who are Spectrum Labs competitors? (20:29)


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