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AI Powered Robot Homes Would Reduce Covid Deaths in Nursing Homes

Join me as I talk to Dr. Ashutosh Saxena, founder and CEO of, to learn how their technology, using AI and IoT, power robot homes and how when implemented in nursing homes and assisted living facilities it greatly reduces death from communicable diseases.

Covid has exposed just how vulnerable seniors are who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In fact, studies show that so far fully 20%+ of all deaths due to Covid in the US have occured in assisted living facilities. But it isn’t just Covid that is a threat to them. With their compromised and fragile immunities many in assisted living facilities die of the seasonal flu and other contagious maladies every year. Building “robot homes” could dramatically reduce these deaths and increase life expectancy.’s vision is to fundamentally change how seniors age in their homes and how assisted living facilities are run.

This is a really interesting podcast and offers a true vision of the future. Enjoy!


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