Outsystems: Leading the Low-Code Revolution

On this podcast I am joined by Mike Hughes and Antonio Alegria to talk about Low-Code generally and what Outsystems is doing specifically in the space.

Low-Code is transforming how software gets developed and we are really just at the beginning of the revolution it is driving. Outsystems is doing some really neat stuff and I love their vision around what it is going to take to win the Low-Code market.


Start - Outsystems elevator pitch

1:57 - What is Low-Code?

4:01 - How does Low-Code help enterprises digitally transform?

6:54 - Low-Code and AI?

12:14 - What differentiates Outsystems from others in the space?

17:58 - Outsystems Customer Use Cases?

21:29 - How does Low-Code empower IT and does it change the talent mix?

27:09 - Where will the game be won in Low-Code?

29:07 - What types of people are you looking to hire and why should they work at Outsystems?

32:25 - What are the important takeaways that business and technical leaders should gain from this podcast?

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